Wing celebrities who trade against Chelsea. Decided to look for a new purpose in life by aiming to the Australian football sbobet thai . and U.S.
Damien Duff of Fulham veteran winger . Looking for a new challenge By moving to a league sbobet League or Major League Soccer . After this season

35 -year -old midfielder left on his contract with the team until the end of the London season. Made him start looking for a new team to the league, Australian football sbobet . and U.S. A prime target

“My contract was set to expire after this season ,” Duff sbobet Irish Times interview with the media in his hometown .

“He has not talked to me in this regard. And I did not talk to the club as well. But we would not have to talk sbobet because I will move out of Fulham. I had a wonderful time here. But this is football

“I aim to Australia or America . It seems to be living in a different league, a different sbobet .

“I think that our life is too short to be struggling a Hnotidhaen . If that is the correct word but I sbobet From this I might want to test something new. Before returning home, ”

Star team of Ireland ‘s most successful period football during the 2003-2006 sbobet Chelsea can win the Premier League crown to 2 times and the League Cup one more time.
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